Best selling author Jane Green is working to connect authors with their readers through her virtual book clubs.

“I am a huge reader, and there’s nothing better than sharing books I love with friends. I’m lucky enough to count numerous authors as friends, and those I don’t know, are usually only an email away, so I’m in a great position to bring them to the readers directly using Facebook Live,” she said.

Green is a Westport resident and the author of 19 novels. Her virtual book club will launch on Nov. 16 at 8 p.m., when the club will discuss Tom Perrotta’s book, Mrs. Fletcher. Perrotta will also be on Facebook Live during the club’s first meeting to answer questions about the book. Green said  Jean Hanff Korelitz, Dani Shapiro, Katherine Heiny and Caroline Leavitt are scheduled to be featured in future book club events.

“I’m bringing people the books I love, which tend to be more literary, beautifully written, with great stories. There will be memoirs and nonfiction too. Whatever I am loving and want the world to know about,” Green said.

She also said she wants to use the book club to bring people together in person as well.   

“I’m a middle-aged woman, who finds herself increasingly isolated, and I am not alone. Whether we work, or are empty-nesters, there are huge numbers of women roughly my age who are hiding behind their screens, and finding themselves lonelier than they ever expected to be,” she said. “ I’m on a mission to bring them out from behind their screens and bring them together in real life.”

Green  said that women can join the book club from the comfort of their living rooms in their pajamas if they want, but even better than that would be to bring their existing book groups, or gather friends and start one. To encourage that she will be releasing a “book club in a box” subscription kit in the future.

For more information about the virtual book club and her subscription kits visit